Extra Credit This Month

Reward 1: Refer a Friend Campaign (EXTRA CREDIT: GET $10 THIS MONTH)

For any first valid order placed by referred friend, you earn: 1000 points ($10 dollars) & your friend gets: 500 extra points ($5 dollars). Please note that your referred friend must be a new customer and have not ever bought anything from ClorisMurphy.com before.

Please “Log-In” and go to “My Account- Referred Friends” page to refer your friend now.



Reward 2: Accumulate points and enjoy shopping!

From September 14th, 2011 onwards, we are very pleased to present our new Loyalty Reward Point Program for our best customers. This program will allow you to earn credits which may be used to help pay for future purchases.

The following is an overview of this loyalty reward program created for you and some additional information on Registration usage.

Loyalty Reward Point Details:
Every time you place an order you will earn Loyalty Reward Points that can be used for your next purchase or can be accumulated and used all at one time.

You will earn points for every USD 1 dollar spending on the merchandise, excluding shipping and handling charges. You can use the accumulated points to “discount” your order when you have accumulated 100 points or more. Your discount is USD 1 for 100 points.

For example: Spend $100, you will get 100 points and get $1 reward

The next time you place an order you will be given the option to pay for all or part of your order with the previously earned Loyalty Points. Of course, you will earn Loyalty Points for this new order as well. These new earnings can be used on your third order.

Please note that you must "Register" (this is done only once) and "Log-In" each time to earn or use Loyalty Points.



Q: Why I cannot find out my Loyalty Points record?
A: Please note that you must "Register" (this is done only once) and "Log-In" each time to earn or use Loyalty Points.

Q: Do I have to register every time I come to the site?
A: No, you only have to register once. However, every time you return to the site you should Log In. Unless you are “Log In”, you will not receive the benefits of Registration such as earning Loyalty Reward Dollars.

Q: I forgot my Log In username, what do I do?
A: Your Log In username will always be your email address

Q: I forgot my Log In password, what do I do?
A: You can click the "Forgotten" button at the login page. Then please enter your registered email and click Submit. You will get an email immediately. Please check your inbox or Spam/ Junk box to retrieve your password.

Q: Where can I find out the Reward Points records?
A: Please “Log In” and go to “My Account- Reward points” to check the related transactions.

Q: Can I save my Loyalty Reward Points from several purchases and apply it in my future order?
A: Yes you can use or save your Loyalty Reward Points.

Q: Do the Loyalty Reward Points expire?
A: They do not expire.

Q: How can I refer ClorisMurphy to my friend?
A: Please “Log In” and go to “My Account-Referred Friends” to send invitation for your friend.


The Loyalty Reward Point Program may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice. We reserve the right to make the final decision in the event of any disputes about the Loyalty Reward Point Program.